Expanding Your Currency

Do you know that you are the only one who determines what your energy is worth? Get an app for tracking mood and energyand you will realize just how valuable your energy is.   There are people in this world who give their energy for an hourly job, entertainment, career and so on.  There is nothing wrong with choosing to spend your energy that way. You may spend it however you choose as long as you feel inwardly satisfied. The satisfaction you gain from activities that take up your energy is your reward.  That satisfaction of feeling spiritually, emotionally and financially fulfilled is important.  

Love What You Do

When you are passionate about what you do, you will enjoy it. When your job or whatever activities you are doing is not giving you satisfaction, then you are only draining your precious energy. Cultivate the need to be aware of how your energy is utilized. A mood meter app could help you monitor how you feel when performing certain activities or how you generally feel about them. 

You can then easily eliminate the things in your life that you feel are draining your energy. How do you know they are draining your energy? It is very simple, when you feel unhappy doing them, then they are indeed draining your energy. This is why you shouldn’t waste your energy currency on things that not only don’t benefit you but they also don’t make you happy. 

Hang Out With The Right Crowd 

How do the people around you impact your energy? The people around you should be positively impacting your life by expanding your learning experience and not destroying it. Everyone vibrates differently and it is always advisable to hang out with people who inspire you and raise your vibration.  Spend time with only people who are hard workers and want to improve their lives in all aspects.  Avoid arrogant people or people with negative attributes because they have a low form of energy.  

Avoid those who love themselves too much and relate with others badly.  If they are arrogant, mistreat others and consider everyone beneath themselves, then they have a low form of energy.   Such people lack wisdom and think they have attained the highest levels intellectually, materialistically and spiritually compared to others. 

Such people are destroying their self-confidence by seeking validation. In this modern society, people have the tendency of not showing their true selves because they are convinced that no one cares unless the society finds them unique first.  When that happens then they embrace who they are.  What people don’t understand is that no one has to care about them. 

The Power Of Self-Love 

Loving yourself first is the best source of love.  The moment you love yourself, is the moment that you will not seek validation from anyone other than yourself.  Most people who have achieved a lot in their lives always speak positively to themselves by saying words like, “I can do it”. Then they take it further and actually prove to themselves that they can do it.

With such consistency, the world finally witnesses and acknowledges their success.  After loving yourself you need to surround yourself with people with good and positive energy.