Energy is Currency

Energy is very important in our lives which is why there even exists an app for tracking mood and energy.  The energy we possess within us allows us to become anything we want and do anything. First a person makes the critical decision to be who they want to be in their mind. 

A good example is when someone wants to be a doctor, the person will gain the medical knowledge from a learning institution and in this case they would go to medical school. They will focus all their energy on becoming the best doctor.

Thoughts into Energy

The same determination which generates energy is what causes people to be singers, great writers, athletes, guitarists and any other interesting thing they want to be in life. What we want to become all depends on what we focus our energy on. 

Our thoughts and ideas are what generates energy because they are converted into action and made a reality.  This is another strong form of energy. 

This is why where your thoughts and actions are focused on and you get to see the result. This is what makes a great difference between talking about something and actually doing it by converting the thoughts and talk into action. Ever asked yourself where you are focusing your energy towards? Have you done something about it yet?

Energy Is Indeed Currency

Energy is the major currency; everything else is just a replication of energy currency. At your work place you don’t get paid because you are simply working at a job and clocking in time.

The money is paid to you because of the amount of energy you are out within that time frame.  When you are not putting energy in your work it shows. You will only generate bad results and you will be less productive. In the end you get fired.  Most people have great ideas and potential, but the major mistake they make is focusing their energies on things that don’t bene fit them. 

With energy being the main currency, this is why any result you get in your life is because you are spending your currency where you feel you will benefit from. 

Your Masters Are Your Focus Points 

It is obvious that we can all just serve one master at a time. Anyone serving more than one master means they are putting their energy in two places at the same time. 

Remember your masters are the things you focus on. You have the ability to manipulate energy. Energy is a current found in the flow of water, air or electricity. Be keen on the flow of current in your life.  The flow of current should be heading towards self- improvement and all the other things should come second.

The energy you spend on improving yourself should be more than the energy you spend on trivial things.  Reserve more energy on important matters and avoid spending it on trivial matters.  With more energy on the reserves you will have more than enough to create the life you desire for yourself.  

How Are You Spending It? 

How are you spending your energy currency? It is important that you spend it on the right people in your life. Let it be focused on people who add value to your life. 

The value doesn’t have to be monetary. It could be mental or emotional benefit. For example, if you feel better when spending time with someone and they lift your spirits, then by all means spend more time with them. 

Also consider spending time doing activities that will physically, mentally, spiritual or financially benefit you. We all have twenty-four hours in a day to spend energy. How you choose to spend yours will determine how your life turns out currently and in the future. 

Energy is important and if you are really keen on how you spend it and how you feel about the activities you do, find the best mood tracker app out there and monitor your progresses and small wins.